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Hardstyle hoe, DnB boi
Happy New Year livejournal friends!

All two of you who still read this!
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Good lord it's been a while since I updated this.

The past few months have pretty much revolved around work for me. Thanks to me being amazingly talented and so forth I've been traveling back and forth from Middlesbrough to London to get all of our new branches open and ready for our new contract.

Aside from that I've been fairly busy, seemingly developing a social life again which is most excellent. I feel a bit less like an old hermit now, even if I do spend more time gaming these days than I have for a while. I decided to pick up a PSP for haxor purposes, so having a pretty strong range of emulators (PS1 as well) is awesomely free-time destroying.

Life is good essentially, financially the past few months have been tough on me and Boo but those have been improving in leaps and bounds so we're not constantly worrying all the time, and it means we can afford to have lives again. Which is nice.

And to finish off the post, if anyone is trying to get hold of me, all my details are on card.ly.
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My card.ly. That's roughly where I can be found on the internet, I'll be adding more when I can be bothered.
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On Saturday I booted my hackint0sh to drop some new music onto my iPhone only for it to throw a strop and decide my library was corrupt and reload it. On reloading it though, it's lost 87 albums worth of artwork. Whilst the chances are high it's still on my machine it's all in hashed out folders so it'll take me a hell of a lot of time to pull it out, so has anyone got any recommendations for tools to make this job slightly easier?

The worst part was I was going to back it all up on Sunday after making a nice little file server a few weeks back.
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Good lord, it's been a while since I last updated, since April in fact.

So what's happened since April, well I got some more of my sleeve done for my birthday so it's now started looking more like the dragon it's meant to be. Also went to a burlesque night in Newcastle which was pretty decent.

Aside from that I've been up to my eyes in work for so long I can't remember what it's like to have a life. On the plus side over the next 6 months I'm going to end up managing a larger team at work, and I'm going to be doing development work to integrate our current system with our new owners system. Who are based in Amsterdam. So that'll be a massive task but apparently they're pretty impressed with my development skills, so it's an ego-boost hah.

I'd say I'll try keep this updated more, but I'm so hideously addicted to Twitter every other social network has been neglected. I do still read LJ everyday mind, so I won't be giving up on LJ just yet.
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Apologies if it's been posted aleady, I must have missed it
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Jacqui Smith to step down

Thank christ for that. Out of all the MP's I wanted to see disappear off she was top of the list. Now all we need is Alastair 'Harbinger of Doom' Darling to step down as well, because honestly when you're plummeting into a recession you want a friendly face, and not the villain from Thunderbirds.
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Dizze Rascal and Armand Van Helden - Bonkers
La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Lets Get Ravey Remix)
Skream - Clap Your Hands (ripped from the annie mac mash up)

Dodgy youtube links mind, so if they're not working you should just buy the tracks, they're all amazing.
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- Listening to Lab 4 and programming all day, I'm living my student days again
- My Aspire One, in all of it's hacky glory
- Ubuntu Netbook Remix, because OSX86 is a bit too flaky when it comes to wireless with the standard wifi card on the AA1
- *Finally* getting two massive issues out of the way with my project that have literally taken days to fix.
- The sun finally being back, which means chillaxing with pints in beer gardens

Things whot I don't like

- Really undocumented databases containing 7 years of data I can't scrap and start over on
- Working around other peoples little programming insanities

As you can guess, my life is pretty much spent in front of a monitor at the moment
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The new Fast and the Furious, it's amazing. Honestly, it's absolutely amazing.
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